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The Art of Masonry in Worcester

May 26, 2011 at 3:11 pm | Category: Stone Masonry

The building materials that are most commonly used in this type of construction is brick, tile, concrete block, marble, stone, granite, glass block and or travertine using some form of mortar. Masonry is considered to be a highly durable form of building technique with certain types of materials. But, the quality of workmanship and material will determine the overall construction of a structure.

The building of retaining walls, walls of buildings and monuments are some of the most common applications of masonry building techniques. Concrete blocks and bricks are generally some of the most common building materials that are used in masonry construction. The reason behind this is because these two types of materials have more strength than materials such as wood for instance. Rebar or other types of steel reinforcements can be added also to help improve the tensile strength of a structure.

One of the oldest forms of masonry is stonemasonry in the history of construction. This type of masonry is one skill that has always been in high demand throughout ancient and modern times. This is considered to be a traditional skill. Some of the best forms of stonemasonry can still be seen today. Many of the castles in Europe and the Great Wall of China are still standing today. The stonemasons even in ancient times were highly skilled in this type of construction. There work is still standing today due to the quality of the construction materials used and the skill that was involved.

There are many advantages of using building materials such as brick or stone. Buildings made out of these types of construction materials keep a building cooler in the summer and warmer during colder months. Brick, marble and granite for instance do not need to be painted and does not attract insects like wood. Masonry is also very heat resistance and is harder to catch on fire like wood or other construction materials. Masonry structures are also more resistant to extreme weather conditions such as tornadoes and hurricanes.

Masonry is a skill that very few master. When deciding to build a structure out of stone, brick or concrete blocks it is important to higher a skilled mason. This will not only save one the headache of trying to do it yourself, it will insure that the end project will last for many years and in some cases centuries. Without the art of masonry many of our most treasured structures and monuments would not be here for us to enjoy today.

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