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How to Compare Cost For Different Masonry Walling Materials

When comparing New England masonry walling costs per meter square, some crucial factors have to be observed. These factors include the number of blocks used per square meter, the size and composition of mortar joints, the speed of wall construction by the mason,the level and type of finishes to be provided. The reason for assessing this materials is so that the builder can be able to have an idea of the general cost of walling for the construction budget prepared.

During the comparison of masonry materials its done for concrete blocks, natural stone blockwork and soil bricks or blocks. It is found that soil bricks or blocks were about five times cheaper than concrete blocks, when one considered the price of manufacturing a concrete block. The price of one meter square of soil blocks was about three times cheaper. The reason is because with a block press machine this blocks can be manufactured and dried on site.

Again when the cost for masonry walling materials is done the price of one meter square of total walling element of soil bricks or blocks, was two times cheaper than concrete blocks. This is because of the influence of manufacturing costs. Natural stones were found to be quite expensive due to availability and also depending on the type of dressing and finishing required. The dressing cost is quite high as mostly its bush hammered or fair face finishing.

When interior finishes are considered , the number of variables increased tremendously for natural stones and concrete blocks. This variables are the thickness of plaster and the mix of the plaster to be applied. Other finishes were cement wash to be applied on soil or brick blocks. This variables made the cost of working with stones and concrete blocks to be more as they require more plaster thickness, more labor overall but less units per wall.



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